Kyrylo Rozumovskyi


After the unification of the Left-Bank Ukraine and Right-Bank Ukraine territory became part of the Russian Empire, then the captains, Cossacks naznachaly royal rulers.
The last Hetman of this period was Kyrylo Rozumovskyi. Cyril Hetmanuvav from 1750 to 1764.
Born in 1728 in the village of Felling Kozeletskoy hundreds of Kiev regiment. The older brother, Alexei Rozumovskyi, became a favorite of Queen Elizabeth and married with Nailloux secret. Brother takes to his Cyril Petersburg, where he we obtain education. also
Rozumovskyi studies in Europe in the years 1743-1745 and on his return became head Peterburskoyi Academy of Sciences. In 1750, the Queen appoints Cyril Rozumovskyi Cossack Hetman. Cyril is not very inspiring career in the province, but in 1751 Elizabeth sends it to the capital of the Cossacks Deaf.
In 1746 he married a relative of the queen, Catherine Sharyshkinoyu. They were born 8 children. Getman tried to carry out reforms in ukrainization in Cossacks, but faced with a policy of Catherine 2, which rusyfikuvala Ukraine.

Kyrylo Rozumovskyi