Lesya Ukrainka photo

Леся Українка

Lesya Ukrainka photo – a well-known translator, an outstanding writer, cultural figure of the Ukrainian people. Among the most famous of her works are marked “Thinking and dreams”, “Cassandra”, “Forest Song”.

Real name is famous Ukrainian writer Larysa Kosach-Kvitka.
Born poet in 1871 in Novograd Volyn. Mother Larissa was a famous writer who knew under the pseudonym Helen Pchilka. Les came from inteligentnoy family and her uncle was Michael Dragomanov. From an early age girl received a good education and was a talented child. With six years she had knitted herself.

In March 1879 was arrested aunt Lesi, Elena Antonovna Kosach and exiled to Siberia for the Ukrainian operations. After this incident, the young writer wrote poetry – “Hope”.

In his youth, Larissa much friends of her older brother Michael and at this time of writing poetry “Lily”, “Sappho”, “Red Summer passed away.” As an adult, the poet met with well-known Ukrainian poets, writers and public figures: Makoveev, Franco, Pavlik, Stefanyk Kobylyanska, Kobrin.

For short life Ukrainian studies many languages, including Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Greek and Latin. But as often happens, talented people have health problems, so what happened to Lesya, she contracted a terrible disease (tuberculosis of the bones). She was treated and traveled many countries Sanatorium and Hospital, but the disease has receded.

In 1913, in the village of Surami in Georgia, dies famous women of Ukraine. Ukrainian buried on Baykovoye cemetery in Kiev. In Ukraine, a lot of monuments, which depicts her photo.
Lesya Ukrainka photo – it’s beautiful photos of different periods in the life of the poet.

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